Thursday, March 11, 2010

1961 Reds Postcards

These postcards feature members of the NL Champion Cincinnati Reds. Their backs are standard postcard type on the top says Photo Postcard.  Many of these cards have stamped blue or black signatures which appear to be the only year this approach was used.

Here's picture of the back with real autograph on top and the stamp below it.

Checklist below

Name Variation
Gus Bell
Don Blasingame
Marshall Bridges
Jim Brosnan
Leo Cardenas
Elio Chacon
Gordy Coleman
Otis Douglas
John Edwards
Gene Freese
Dick Gernert
Bill Henry
Ken Hunt
Fred Hutchinson MGR Black Background
Fred Hutchinson MGR Smiling
Joey Jay
Ken Johnson
Sherman Jones
Eddie Kasko
Jerry Lynch Dark Background
Jerry Lynch number 4 on back
Jim Maloney
Howie Nunn
Reggie Otero
Jim O'Toole
Vada Pinson
Wally Post
Bob Purkey
Frank Robinson
Dick Sisler
Bob Schmidt
Jim Turner CO
Pete Whisenant
Jerry Zimmerman

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