Monday, April 19, 2010

1979 Penn Emblem Patches

This set features multi-color, three dimensional embroidered portraits of 100 of baseball's favorites displayed on patches approximately 2 5/8 x 3 1/4". The patches could be ordered by mail for $2.50 each from Penn Emblem Co. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The patches are unnumbered and checklisted below in alphabetical order.  One interesting note the Pete Rose patch can be found in 3 varieties normal red outline about 97%, blue outline about 3%, and a black only 1 known black has been seen might be more but extremely rare so most likely a proof of some type most likely caused by his move from the reds to phillies.

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Rose red

Rose Blue

Rose Black

Saturday, April 17, 2010

1980 Philadelphia Phillies Team Issue Drawings

This 10-card set of the Philadelphia Phillies was issued in a clear front envelope and was likely sold at the stadium. The set measures approximately 8 3/4" by 11 5/8" and features art work by Todd Alan Gold. Each card displays two action drawings and a portrait of the same player. The backs are blank. The cards are unnumbered and checklisted below in alphabetical order.

Checklist -

Rich Ashburn
Bob Boone
Larry Bowa
Greg Luzinski
Garry Maddox
Bake McBride
Robin Roberts
Pete Rose
Mike Schmidt
Manny Trillo

1991 Legends Sports Memorabilia Magazine

Continuing the trend the 1991 set was issued 9 cards in uncut format with silver foil around the outside.  The postcards remained basically the same with no foil and the backs indicating series 2.  Beginning with the national sports convention issue/program they started issue 2 version of the cards 1 with silver foil and the scarcer gold foil.

Very hard to scan/photo the silver/gold difference but I assure you it's obvious in hand.

Cover Silver trim top-

Cover Gold trim top-

Uncut Silver -

Uncut Gold -

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

1977 Karp, H. Ad Booklet Baseball Card Album

This little, 4-page booklet has a red silhouette of players on the front cover and ordering information on the inside and back cover.  Issued in Baltimore, MD by H. Karp collectors could send in $5-$12 and get an album with 2 checklist and vinyl pages to store the cards in although the cards were not included.  The little booklet had the checklist of cards known at the time.

More of an advanced item for player collectors  still an interesting history item.


1 Brooks Robinson
2 Carl Yastrzemski
3 Johnny Bench
4 Mike Schmidt - Greg Luzinski
5 Thurman Munson
6 Hank Aaron
7 Mickey mantle
8 Tom Seaver
9 Steve Garvey - Ron Cey
10 Willie Mays
11 Harmon Killebrew
12 Reggie Jackson
13 t-205
14 t-206
15 t-207
16 Roberto Clemente
17 Pete Rose
18 Lou Brock

Picture front / Back and Inside

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1977-1984 Renata Galasso Glossy Greats

The Renata Galasso Glossy Greats baseball cards were first issued in 1977 as a 45 card set. Produced by TCMA for Renata Galasso, the cards were used as a promotion. Customers who bought a complete set of baseball cards received the 45 card set for free. Through 1984 Renata Galasso would issue 5 more series of cards, to bring the total number of the set to 270. Renata Galasso, "the Largest card dealer in the world" at the time, issued these great Black & white cards in the style of the 1960 Leaf set.



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Monday, April 12, 2010

1988-1990 Legends Sports Memorabilia Magazine

These magazines ran from 1988-2001 and have in my opinion some of the best artwork for sports figure out there.  They came from 2 main artist Christopher Paluso, Michael Taylor.  They started to insert uncut sheets of 9 cards from various sports into the magazine summer of 1990 issue.  And then starting in the winter issue of 1990 issued both 9 card sheets and 3 card postcards.  Which continued for years.

This entry I'm going to focus on the first years and the most difficult to track down 1988-1990

For 1988-1990 there was just a great magazine here are the covers along with the print run of the magazine

Year Edition Vol-No Cover
Postcards Print Run
1988  Fall 1 -1 Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio, Mickey Mantle

1989  Spring 2 - 1 Koufax, Garvey, Hershiser

1989  Summer 2 -2 Carl Yastrzemski, Johnny Bench

1989  Fall 2 - 3 Lou Gehrig

1989  Winter 2 - 4 Tony Gwynn


Nolan Ryan

1990  Spring 3 - 1 Mays, McCovey, Mitchell


then with the Summer issue they started with cards at first they were issued 6 to a panel and 3 to a panel

Fall Issue -

Winter Issue -

Cards -

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

1996 Panini Stickers

This 246-sticker set was distributed as a complete set in a cellophane wrapper with a suggested retail price of $8. A 60-page album to hold the stickers was included with the set. Stickers to finish ones set were available from the Panini Missing Sticker Club at a cost of $4 for 20 different stickers or $4 for 30 stickers as long as 10 wrappers were sent as well.

Distributed by Fleer/Skybox in Europe and South America mainly in Venezuela.  Includes subsets of League Leaders (with name at top) - #'s 115-126 and FOIL Rookies - #'s 239-246. Several players have trade/updated info on the fronts, such as, Dennis Eckersley - Traded to St Louis.

Pictures -

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Monday, April 5, 2010

1995 Panini Stickers

This 156-sticker set measures approximately 1 15/16" by 3" and was distributed by Fleer.  The fronts feature color action player photos framed in different colors on a white background the player's name and team logo appear in a bar at the bottom. The backs carry the sponsor logos. The set closes with team logos (129-156).

Images -

Display Box -

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

1998 Panini Sticker Venezuelan

Something a little newer released only in Venezuela  consist of a sticker album and 300 stickers including team logo stickers.

Here's the Album -

And what the inside pages look like -

Regular Sticker -

Rookie and Award Winner Sticker -

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