Friday, May 28, 2010

1963 Reds Picture Pack Photos

For many years the Reds would issue 12 player picture packs to fans who would ask for them and send in a small amount for postage and also these black and white 5 x 7 photos were sold at Ballpark souvenir stands. Most photos can be dated to various years, as they often used the same photo for multiple years. A player photo with a specific pose might have been issued one year, and used to fill team sets for the following years. From 1958 -1961 for example, additional poses of the player might have been made during this time, and used as well. This makes it difficult to date a specific photo to one year. A set can be identified by using a team rooster. 

I'll focus on the 1963 set as it contains the Rose rookie photo it is very similar to the 65-68 photo pack issue but having them side by side the 63 is cropped just hair closer at the bottom and the left side.  It is easiest to verify the years by complete set as certain players only played certain years so the 63 set is unique in that it contains Eddie Kasko whom only played with the Reds till 1963.

complete set in envelope - 

Pete Rose
Bob Purkey
Gordy Coleman
Frank Robinson
Eddie Kasko
Leo Cardenas
Joey Jay
Jim O’Toole
Vada Pinson
John Edwards
Jim Maloney
Manager Fred Hutchinson

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