Friday, March 4, 2011

1969 MLB Photostamp variations

While this set is well cataloged there is a variation to it.  Early in 1969 the set was first issued in 4 booklets each containing 48 stamps corresponding to each division nl west, east, al west, east.  Then they were re-released later on in the year in the traditional 18 sheets of 12.  This made for the addition of 24 extra players for the second set.

The variation between the 2 printings are mainly on the back the photos are identical although if you really get nitty gritty they are cropped a hair different.  The first printing which is much scarcer and is called var 2 has a solid line on the back while the second printing carries a dashed line. 

The scan above highlights the differences.

As for the checklist I'll list the 24 players added those will only come in variation 1 the second printing style the rest come in both variations.

The following players were NOT issued in the "type 2" or "variation 2" group:

AL:   Andy Etchebarren - Orioles NL:       Bob Aspromonte - Braves
        Bob Allison - Twins
            Bill Hands - Cubs
        Bob Rogers - Angels
            Tony Cloninger - Reds
        Chico Salmon - Pilots
            Jesus Alou - Astros
        Ed Stroud - Senators
            Len Gabrielson - Dodgers
        John Donaldson - A's
            Jim Fiarey - Expos
        Jose Santiago - Red Sox
            Bud Harrelson - Mets
        Ken Berry - White Sox
            Rick Wise - Phillies
        Larry Brown - Indians
            Jerry May - Pirates
        Mickey Stanley - Tigers
            Dick Selma - Padres
        Steve Hamilton - Yankees
            Mike McCormick - Giants
        Steve Whitaker - Royals
            Dal Maxville - Cardinals

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