Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1967 Reds Photo Cards

This set features members of the 1967 Cincinnati Reds. These cards had no PC markings on the back.  They measure 3 1/2" by 5 1/2" these postcards have a player photo, a blue/purple fascimile autograph and "Cincinnati Reds" in red lettering.  Since these cards are unnumbered, we have sequenced them in alphabetical order.

Ted Abernathy

Gerry Arrigo
Jack Baldschun
Johnny Bench
Vern Benson CO
Jimmy Bragan CO
Dave Bristol MGR
Leo Cardenas
Jim Coker
Ted Davidson
John Edwards
Sammy Ellis
Ray Evans CP
Mel Harder CO
Tommy Harper
Tommy Helms
Deron Johnson
Bob Lee
Jim Maloney
Lee May
Bill McCool
Tom Murphy CP
Gary Nolan
Don Nottebart
Don Pavletich
Milt Pappas
Tony Perez
Vada Pinson
Mel Queen
Floyd Robinson
Pete Rose Autograph not touching Picture
Pete Rose Autograph Half into Picture
Chico Ruiz
Art Shamsky
Dick Simpson
Ray Shore CO
Jake Wood
Whitey Wietelmann CO
Al Wylder CP

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