Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1981-83 Venezuelan Stickers

Continuing the Venezuelan theme as I will in the next few post this set is very similar to the 80-81 set in that it is 288-sticker set measures approximately 2" by 2 3/4" with name centered and then sticker number below.  For the 1982-83 winter season, the set was expanded with several cards being issued per team with letters suffixed to the card numbers.  Distributed by Digallo C.A.  Special thanks to Clyde's Stale Cards Blog for pointing me at the checklist.


Checklist in PDF.


  1. I collet these Albums when I was a child, but there was a album for 81-82 Season, the cards of 81-82 album were release again in this album that you show the image, the only diference was the cover of album, and that were added 9 cards by team and numered by letters. Some of players added were Dave Parker, Orel Hershisher, Bret Campaneris and other. The cover of 81-82 Album was a collage of 80-81 album cards.