Monday, August 30, 2010

1968 Jamesway

Jamesway trucking was the trucking company for Partridge Meats hence this set looks very similar to their partridge cousins.  It appears that this set was distributed to the business execs of the company and estimated between 25-50 sets made although the Pete Rose is by far much more prevalent than the others could be just the fact he was more popular player hence it was saved more so more survive to today.  Only Rose is in fact listed for the set but there exists 3 more 1 more Red and 2 more Pittsburgh players so also possible the Pittsburgh players were distributed to Pittsburgh execs and the Cincinnati players in the Cincy area.  The checklist may not be complete if anyone has more to add let me know.

Checklist -

Pete Rose
Johnny Bench
Willie Stargell
Terry Hanratty - Football

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