Thursday, September 29, 2011

1970 Reds Photo Cards

This set features members of the 1970 Cincinnati Reds. These cards had no PC markings on the back.  They measure 3 1/2" by 5 1/2" these postcards have a player photo, a black fascimile autograph and "Cincinnati Reds" in red lettering.  Since these cards are unnumbered, we have sequenced them in alphabetical order.

George Anderson 
Johnny Bench (facing front) 
Bo Belinsky 
Angel Bravo 
Bernie Carob 
Clay Carroll (facing front) 
Darrel Chaney (facing front) 
Tony Cloninger (looking right) 
Pat Corrales (looking right) 
David Concepcion 
Alex Grammas 
Wayne Granger (mouth closed) 
Don Gullett 
Tommy Helms (facing front) 
Ted Kluszewski 
Jim Maloney (facing right) 
Lee May (facing front) 
Jim Merritt 
Jim McGlothlin 
Hal McRae 
Gary Nolan 
Tony Perez (facing front) 
George Scherger 
Pete Rose (facing front) 
Larry Shepard 
Wayne Simpson 
Jim Stewart (facing right) 
Bobby Tolan (smiling) 
Ray Washburn 
Woody Woodward (smiling)

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