Saturday, September 17, 2011

1973 Reds Photo Cards

 This set features members of the 1973 Cincinnati Reds. These cards had no PC markings on the back.  measure 3 1/2" by 5 1/2" Cards have the player's fascimile autograph in a white box with Cincinnati Reds below the signature. It is believed that many of these cards were also issued during the 1974 season.  Since these cards are unnumbered, we have sequenced them in alphabetical order.

 Sparky Anderson MG 
 Dick Baney 
 Bob Barton 
 Johnny Bench 
 Jack Billingham 
 Jack Billingham/ Photo credit given 
 Pedro Borbon 
 Clay Carroll 
 Darrel Chaney 
 Dave Concepcion 
 Ed Crosby 
 Dan Driessen 
 Phil Gagliano 
 Cesar Geronimo 
 Alex Grammas CO 
 Ken Griffey
 Ross Grimsley 
 Don Gullett 
 Joe Hague 
 Tom Hall 
 Hal King 
 Ted Kluszewski CO 
 Andy Kosco 
 Gene Locklear 
 Jim McGlothlin 
 Denis Menke 
 Joe Morgan 
 Roger Nelson 
 Gary Nolan 
 Fred Norman 
 Tony Perez 
 Bill Plummer
 Pete Rose 
 Richie Scheinblum 
 George Scherger CO 
 Larry Shepard CO 
 Ed Sprague 
 Larry Stahl 
 Bobby Tolan 
 Dave Tomlin

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