Saturday, March 19, 2011

1975 SSPC Variations

Another sidenote item but for us collectors with everything here is a cheap uncataloged variation I just noticed.  The SSPC set seems to have been printed twice once on cream colored paper and other on pure white there is also a cropping difference top to bottom notice the middle C on the jersey.  It's a widely available cheap set that has been rumored to have been reprinted long after 1975 think this pretty proves it.  The cream seems to be slightly easier to find but I have a small sampling to go by

Friday, March 11, 2011

1974 Reds Alert Scapbook

This set was released in the local news magazine called Reds Alert which covered the Cincinnati Reds in detail.  The set is a large sized 9 3/4 x 13" they seem to be carrying on the Cincinnati Enquirer scrapbook issues.  The set is unnumbered and the backs contains various articles from the magazine I am not sure if the checklist below is complete but I believe it is.

Sparky Anderson
George Scherger
Ted Kluszewski
Andy Kosco
Bill Plummer
Cesar Geronimo
Clay Carroll
Dan Driessen
Darrel Chaney
Dick Baney
Fred Norman
George Foster
Jack Billingham
Johnny Bench
Ken Griffey
Pedro Borbon
Pete Rose
Phil Gagliano
Roger Nelson
Tom Hall
Tony Perez

Friday, March 4, 2011

1969 MLB Photostamp variations

While this set is well cataloged there is a variation to it.  Early in 1969 the set was first issued in 4 booklets each containing 48 stamps corresponding to each division nl west, east, al west, east.  Then they were re-released later on in the year in the traditional 18 sheets of 12.  This made for the addition of 24 extra players for the second set.

The variation between the 2 printings are mainly on the back the photos are identical although if you really get nitty gritty they are cropped a hair different.  The first printing which is much scarcer and is called var 2 has a solid line on the back while the second printing carries a dashed line. 

The scan above highlights the differences.

As for the checklist I'll list the 24 players added those will only come in variation 1 the second printing style the rest come in both variations.

The following players were NOT issued in the "type 2" or "variation 2" group:

AL:   Andy Etchebarren - Orioles NL:       Bob Aspromonte - Braves
        Bob Allison - Twins
            Bill Hands - Cubs
        Bob Rogers - Angels
            Tony Cloninger - Reds
        Chico Salmon - Pilots
            Jesus Alou - Astros
        Ed Stroud - Senators
            Len Gabrielson - Dodgers
        John Donaldson - A's
            Jim Fiarey - Expos
        Jose Santiago - Red Sox
            Bud Harrelson - Mets
        Ken Berry - White Sox
            Rick Wise - Phillies
        Larry Brown - Indians
            Jerry May - Pirates
        Mickey Stanley - Tigers
            Dick Selma - Padres
        Steve Hamilton - Yankees
            Mike McCormick - Giants
        Steve Whitaker - Royals
            Dal Maxville - Cardinals