Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1970-1971 Dayton Daily News

I know most of you are saying this set is cataloged.  But in reality it is only partially cataloged I spent a few days going through microfilm at the library and re cataloged this entire set all 357 cards.  I just love when a small project explodes into a larger one.

The set runs from Apr 5, 1970 to May 26,1971 and covers baseball, football, basketball, and even some golfers and boxers, then finishes with more baseball players.  The real interesting part is the 1971 baseball players they used the same numbers on the repeated players but changed the stats and the picture hence we get the Tony Perez white hat / dark hat variation already listed.  The set numbers run to 324 but with the extra 1971s there are 357 cards in a master set.  Really doubt anyone has ever tried or really wants to put a master set of these together but to each their own which is probably why the variations have never really come to light they are incredibly rare to start with and only player collectors seem to go after them so doubtful once you get one you’d still look for another.

Only missing number is 196 the library did not have the microfilm for 11/30/1970 so that one will be a mystery until someone can track that one down. 

The player lines with multiple days are repeated players they reissued so a few are double even triple printed.  And the easiest way to tell a 70 from a 71 is the 1970 had stats listed as 1969 then the stats while the 1971 had the stats listed as 1970 then the stats.

The set is too large to list here so here's a link to the checklist in pdf format.  The pictures show Rose 3 variations the first card introducing the set the second is his official card (double printed) and the last his 1971 card. 

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